News & Announcements

Advanced Checkout

Based on feedback received from campus customers over the past year, the Deacon Depot Default Checkout Experience was changed to Advanced Checkout on January 11, 2016.  Advanced Checkout allows users to more easily:

  • Edit accounting code, ship-to information, and accounting date

  • Attach external documents such as quotes and contracts

  • Attach internal documents such as competitive quotes

  • See the same view in cart checkout as in PR approval. The advanced checkout screen is the same as the screen seen when approving a purchase requisition.

All Deacon Depot users were defaulted to Advanced Checkout on the morning of January 11th, 2016.  Information on Advanced Checkout cart review can be found in Training Information on the Deacon Depot home page.

If you prefer to continue using Express Checkout as your default experience, follow the instructions below, or see the guide to Update the User Profile, page 8:

  • Click the drop-down arrow beside your name and select “View My Profile”.

  • On a left-side menu, click Default User Settings

  • Click on Checkout Settings

  • Click on Edit Section in the upper Right hand corner

  • Click Override

  • Choose Express Checkout from the dropdown list.

  • Save Changes

If you have any questions please contact us at x8289 or

Scheduled Downtime Beginning Friday, July 17, 2015

Due to an upgrade to Deacon Depot 15.2 and scheduled Year End processes, users will experience the following downtimes this coming Friday:

  1. 8:30 pm – Monday, 7/20 at 8:30 am – Deacon Depot will experience a scheduled downtime and be unavailable while SciQuest installs the 15.2 upgrade. The system will be available again on Monday morning, July 20th.
  2. Monday, 7/20 from 8:30 am – 1:00 pm – Deacon Depot will experience downtime while year end processes take place in Banner. During this time, you may shop, create carts, and place orders. However, your order will not go completely through the system until the year end process is complete at approximately 1:00 pm. If this time is extended, you will be notified.

FY16 Deacon Depot Enhancements

On behalf of Procurement Services, we would like to thank you for your support this past fiscal year. As we approach a new fiscal year we are happy to announce some exciting enhancements within Deacon Depot.

Receiving / Receipt Notification Reminders
Effective July 1st we will be implementing an automated receipt reminder email. This email will be a reminder to process a receipt in Deacon Depot (on orders greater than $250.00) so that Accounts Payable can pay invoices based on the appropriate payment terms. For more information please visit:

We are also adding new Internal Service Providers (ISP) to our catalog offerings. ISP Purchase Requests placed through Deacon Depot allows for the Journal Entry (JE) process to be automated, approvals are processed electronically, and all order info is stored in Deacon Depot for future reference.

88.5 WFDD underwriting packages in Deacon Depot
88.5 WFDD is the National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate station licensed to Wake Forest University. It is the longest continuously-broadcasting public radio station in North Carolina and is the state’s charter NPR affiliate. Its broadcast reach encompasses 32 counties in the Piedmont and High Country of North Carolina, as well as southern Virginia. Each week, 88.5 WFDD reaches more than 105,000 listeners, who are among the most educated and affluent audiences in all media.

If you have a degree program or special event that you would like to promote to the general public you can now select special underwriting packages through Deacon Depot. Visit the 88.5 WFDD form in Deacon Depot to view packages and make your selection(s).  Visit more information.

Graylyn Gift Shop in Deacon Depot
Graylyn International Conference Center was once the private Estate of Bowman and Natalie Gray. Today Graylyn operates as an 86 room boutique hotel and conference center hosting special events, day meetings and multi-night conferences. Graylyn operates as a non-profit with the purpose to support the university by funding student scholarships.

The Graylyn Gift Shop offers Graylyn merchandise, WFU merchandise, Kate Spade stationary, Graylyn ornament collection, gift certificates, and unique NC gifts. Visit Deacon Depot to shop the Graylyn catalog and place your order. Visit for more information.

We truly appreciate all feedback and continuing support as we work to improve Deacon Depot accessibility for campus. We look forward to continuing our partnership in FY16. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at x8289 or

Deacon Depot Enhancements!

In response to user feedback and with the goal of enriching user experience, Procurement Services is pleased to announce the following enhancements to Deacon Depot:

Effective November 3rd  all Purchase Orders placed in Deacon Depot that have a total value equal to or less than $250 will not require a Deacon Depot receipt to be generated.  Invoices will still be processed as normal.

Apple Computer Catalog
Effective November 7th we will have an Apple Computer catalog enabled in Deacon Depot.  Our campus customers will be able to order all Apple Computer hardware and software through this punch-out catalog at the Wake Forest University contracted price.

Internal Service Providers
In past Business Administrator Forums (BAFs), Procurement Services presented a plan where Internal Service Providers (ISP) were scheduled to be setup in Deacon Depot.  An Internal Service Provider is a department that provides goods\services that fulfill business needs of other departments.

Effective November 4th the following entities will be setup in Deacon Depot as Internal Service Providers:

  • Reynolda House Museum of American Art Gift Shop
  • Benson University Center Van Rentals
  • Parking and Transportation Shuttle Rental

Our campus customers will have the ability to order products and services from these Internal Service Providers (ISPs) in Deacon Depot and journal entries (JEs) will be automated through the procure to pay process.

Be on the lookout for a job aid on how to utilize these new Internal Service Providers coming on Tuesday, November 4th!

If you have any specific questions or suggestions for future enhancements, please feel free to contact us at UBUY (x8289). Thank you for your partnership and continued support of Deacon Depot.

14.1 upgrade

Deacon Depot will be unavailable starting Friday, March 28th at 9:00 pm. The system will be available Monday, March 31st at 8:30 am.

2013 Product Release Schedule

Each year, SciQuest, the host company for Deacon Depot, provides three required product upgrades. The releases dates for 2013 are listed below.

13.1 Release – March 24, 2013

13.2 Release – July 21, 2013

13.3 Release – November 3, 2013

With each release, there will be periods of downtime while the system is upgraded. As we approach each release, we will provide users with more detailed information about what is included in the release as well as a more detailed timetable for when to expect the system to be unavailable.

Additionally, the Deacon Depot Learning Team will offer lunch & learn sessions for users to come and find out what will be new and/or different for each upgrade.

Members of the Deacon Depot Core Team will be attending a preview webinar on February 6th to learn more about what to expect with the 13.1 release. Once we know, we will pass that information on to our users via the listserv, user forum and newsletter.

New Office Depot Contract for WFU

A new contract between Wake Forest University and Office Depot has been negotiated! This new contract is a collaborative effort with Wake Forest Baptist Health, to create a single contract for all of Wake Forest University, and offers better pricing, a dedicated support representative, a renovated space in the Campus Bookstore, and a new web portal exclusively for students. We are already enjoying the new pricing structure, which provides an additional 15% off our already discounted pricing!

Two other important changes based on the new contract will go into effect on January 1, 2013:

1. Office Depot will be discontinuing the “old” site as of December 31, 2012. Beginning January 1, 2013, the only way to order from Office Depot will be through Deacon Depot. Staff from Procurement Services and Finance Systems will be reaching out to all departments not already live in Deacon Depot to get them transitioned by December 31st.

2. To be able to continue to take advantage of free shipping, as well as to support the University mission of sustainable practices, Office Depot is moving to a $35.00 minimum order requirement. A $9.95 shipping rate will be applicable for all orders that do not meet the $35.00 minimum.

If you have questions regarding these Office Depot changes, or would like to speak to someone regarding transitioning your department to Deacon Depot, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us.

SciQuest Upgrade to Version 12.2

The time is quickly approaching for the second of three annual upgrades from SciQuest Higher Markets, Inc., the host provider for Deacon Depot.

On July 22, 2012, Deacon Depot will be upgraded to version 12.2. Below, please find information regarding key dates related to the upgrade. As we know more, we will be passing along information on product enhancements delivered with this version.

Key Dates:

June 22, 2012  – The 12.2 release will be promoted to user test environments. Test environments will be unavailable from Friday, June 22nd, 8:00 am through Sunday, June 24th, 12:00 pm.

July 20, 2012 – The 12.1 release will be promoted to the production environment. Production environments will be unavailable from Friday, July 20th, 10:00 pm through Sunday, July 22nd at approximately 12:00 pm.

Date information for this upgrade as well as future upgrades for 2012 can be found on our Product Upgrade Information page.

Year End Deacon Depot Purchasing

As we come to the end of the fiscal year, it is important that Deacon Depot purchases follow established year end Procurement guidelines for requisition and purchase order creation. To that end, the following guidelines have been put in place year end Deacon Depot spending:

5:00 pm, Monday, June 25th – The deadline for placing new orders in the Deacon Depot system. At 5:01 pm, the “Place Order” button to create a Purchase Requisition will be removed from the application until 8:30 am on Monday, July 2nd. Requisitions that are created prior to this deadline will still flow through the appropriate approval steps, but no new orders can be placed.

Receiving – In accordance with the Finance Year End Close procedures, in order for FY12 funds to be used to pay for purchases, goods must be received by June 30th. To be sure that FY12 funds are used for all purchases made and received in Deacon Depot prior to June 30th, it may be necessary to adjust the Receipt Date to reflect the actual date that items were received.

SciQuest Upgrade to Version 12.1

SciQuest Higher Markets, Inc., the solution provider for Deacon Depot will be performing their first of 3 upgrades to our e-Procurement system in March, 2012. On March 25, 2012, Deacon Depot will be upgraded to version 12.1 – the latest version of SciQuest. Below, please find information regarding key dates related to the upgrade as well as some of the product enhancements.

Key Dates:

March 2, 2012  – The 12.1 release will be promoted to user test environments. Test environments will be unavailable from Friday, March 2nd, 8:00 am through Sunday, March 4th, 12:00 pm.

March 23, 2012 – The 12.1 release will be promoted to the production environment. Production environments will be unavailable from Friday, March 23rd at 10:00 pm through Sunday, March 25th at approximately 12:00 pm.

March 25, 2012 – 12.1 product release is available.

Date information for this upgrade as well as future upgrades for 2012 can be found on our Product Upgrade Information page.

Feature Highlights:

1. Document Search
The new Document Search functionality was introduced with version 11.3. This new capability made searching for requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices in the application a more intuitive, user-friendly and efficient process. Additionally, new filter options were provided to look more like the item searches within the application. With the 12.1 upgrade, the Document Search will be the primary way to search for documents in Deacon Depot, and the History tab will no longer be available. Enhancements to look forward to include:

  • Improved navigation between documents (no more having to do a new search every time you need to find a document!)
  • Enhanced Advanced Search Options – Depending on the type of document your are
  • looking for (requisition, purchase order, etc), there are new search options to choose from
  • to make searching more user-friendly and efficient.
  • Enhanced Post-search filtering
  • Ability to save searches
  • Ability to schedule searches to run automatically for certain date ranges.