Instructor-Led Learning Sessions


Deacon Depot is the electronic method for procuring goods and services on behalf of Wake Forest. This method automates the entire process of purchasing, from item selection to approvals to electronic invoice receipt. There are two courses available to familiarize users with the system:

Deacon Depot Profile Setup Lab
This informal, hands-on session will walk users through the process of creating a profile in Deacon Depot. Creating a profile is the key to an efficient, user-friendly experience, and is the first class new users should take when learning this system.

Shopping and Receiving in Deacon Depot
This course will cover the most basic of tasks within Deacon Depot – shopping. Users will learn various methods to shop within the system in order to obtain the best value or price, as well as tips to shop efficiently. Users will also learn how to create proper receiving documentation. Receipts let Accounts Payable know that invoices can be paid.

Advanced registration for classes is encouraged and appreciated. To register, please visit the PDC website.