Year End Deacon Depot Purchasing

As we come to the end of the fiscal year, it is important that Deacon Depot purchases follow established year end Procurement guidelines for requisition and purchase order creation. To that end, the following guidelines have been put in place year end Deacon Depot spending:

5:00 pm, Monday, June 25th – The deadline for placing new orders in the Deacon Depot system. At 5:01 pm, the “Place Order” button to create a Purchase Requisition will be removed from the application until 8:30 am on Monday, July 2nd. Requisitions that are created prior to this deadline will still flow through the appropriate approval steps, but no new orders can be placed.

Receiving – In accordance with the Finance Year End Close procedures, in order for FY12 funds to be used to pay for purchases, goods must be received by June 30th. To be sure that FY12 funds are used for all purchases made and received in Deacon Depot prior to June 30th, it may be necessary to adjust the Receipt Date to reflect the actual date that items were received.

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