2013 Product Release Schedule

Each year, SciQuest, the host company for Deacon Depot, provides three required product upgrades. The releases dates for 2013 are listed below.

13.1 Release – March 24, 2013

13.2 Release – July 21, 2013

13.3 Release – November 3, 2013

With each release, there will be periods of downtime while the system is upgraded. As we approach each release, we will provide users with more detailed information about what is included in the release as well as a more detailed timetable for when to expect the system to be unavailable.

Additionally, the Deacon Depot Learning Team will offer lunch & learn sessions for users to come and find out what will be new and/or different for each upgrade.

Members of the Deacon Depot Core Team will be attending a preview webinar on February 6th to learn more about what to expect with the 13.1 release. Once we know, we will pass that information on to our users via the listserv, user forum and newsletter.

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